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How do they work?

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There are numerous benefits to having PV solar panels installed on your commercial residence. Benefits include, reduction of energy bill costs, as well as becoming more eco-friendly and helping the environment. We can both install new systems and offer maintenance services to your existing panels.

The PV solar panels sit on the roof of your residence and absorb natural sunlight, converting it into energy, which is then used to heat your home.

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PV solar panel installations

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PV systems use energy from the sun to create electricity. The panels require only daylight, rather than direct sunlight, to generate electricity. When light shines on a panel, it creates an electric field across layers of silicon in the cell, causing electricity to flow. The greater the intensity of the light, the greater the flow of electricity is. Power can be used straight away or linked back into the power grid.


Producing your own energy could be cheaper than buying it from energy companies.

If you generate electricity using solar panels, the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation entitles you to claim Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for every megawatt hour of electricity you generate